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~~News! 1/22~~

A new chapter after 300 years….

Rhythm: I’m heir? I feel so SPECIAL!! D:

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In this blog I use words like hell. I only censore curse words like

“f%%k, b%%%h, d%%n, and s%%t. Sorry if that offends you, but thought I should warn ya!

447 Responses to Terrey New’s

  1. shyneia says:

    Mwahahaha… This looks familiar ;D

    I’m still hanging around for chapter 24.. Then again, I’m not the one to talk. I’m slow with my third chapter, hurr hurr.

  2. spongeb0ber says:

    I ment chapter 25 :s I’m so tired lmbo.

  3. midnightprowl says:

    Not to suck up or anything… xP But I love you legacy so much I decided to put a link to your legacy on my WordPress.

    On a different note, can’t wait for chapter 27. Woo! ^-^

    I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that my legacy will be half as good as yours. Hehe. If there’s any tips you could give me, I will not complain one bit.

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Midnight that is so nice of you! โค Aw Thank you, I can't wait to put it up for you guys! :3 Aww of course it will be midnight! Your very talented and funny as well. You take very nice, clear to see pictures, and I just love it. ๐Ÿ˜€ Your children are beauty's and I can't wait to see what other adventures they go through! xD
      Any tips? Let your mind flow, don't think to much! TBH I hate writing anything else besides Sim's stories. Because I can have fun doing it. I don't have to be 100% correct with grammer, or do the paragraphs the right way, and heck I can have run on's as long as I want! ( Like this on, bwuahah) So my advice is have fun, and be your self! :3 And it's always great to even take er… borrow ideas from other sim's writers… with their permission of course. :3 I loved how you used creeper it made me laugh and It made my day as well.


      • midnightprowl says:

        I didn’t know pictures from TS3 could look so good. I read a guide on TS3.com and it talked about using the Tab. Tab is now my new best friend. =P

        As for the kids, I have to agree. My favorite is Aine. (But her baby brother may take her spot once he gets older.) I just love her ghostly blue eyes. So glad I found those eye replacements. The gorgeous skin replacements are great, too. Hehe. The CC I have went from 0 to a butt load from the start of the Bane legacy until now. xD

        Hehe. It was fun putting Creeper into my story. He’s more entertaining than the maid who stole my food. Rawr. She nearly choked and died in my…Jacob’s kitchen. Guess she did eventually choke on her stolen food somewhere.

        Woah… That got a bit long… O.o

      • spongeb0ber says:

        My post always go long lol. I type to much lmbo! Yea, I clearly think that my Creepers just come an go as they please. They tell me they killed each other, but I know they have a creeper meeting and they talk like;

        Creeper: Hehhhh… -wheeze- So…. who … goes to the house…. today. -inhale, exhale-

        And they all got creepy names, like…. Poka and Klip-click.

        Haha, I’m tired ;P

  4. midnightprowl says:

    Haha. Creeper meeting. xP If that’s the case, might be a good idea to keep Kelly oblivious to it. No telling what she would do. Lol.

    • spongeb0ber says:

      That’s a disaster waitin to happen! She can’t stand the creepers, lol! But they don’t realize they can just fire him? Naahhh, they do their rich butts are just to lazy to clean. Lol I’m serious none of them would clean except kole, who’s of course dead now… .-.

      • midnightprowl says:

        I know. I feel the pain. =P The Bane family isn’t rich but I got tired of fighting with them all to get up off their butts and do some cleaning so I hired the maid. At this point with 7 people in one house, I’m not complaining. xD

        Poor Kole. I miss him! T-T Even though she was evil, I miss Alex, too.

      • spongeb0ber says:

        Yea Kole was awesome. Terrey family has about 130k thanks to Stiles and Lilla working, and Alex with her 100% painting skills ๐Ÿ˜€ Now Chris and Winter have a job. Lol
        I miss Alex so much it’s hard to contain ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I lurved her and her Evil- self loving self. Poor Jessy only gets used by winter once and a while.

  5. midnightprowl says:

    I think the net worth of the Bane family it about… 40-45k. xP

    Hehe. And that’s why I’m hoping Winter has an evil baby girl.

  6. midnightprowl says:

    Muwahaha… The next generation of evil is born. Lol.

    Holy cow. O.O That’s a lot of mula. I’m getting there steadily… I just remodeled the legacy house so I don’t have much to spend. I think right now it’s under 1k. =P But I was able to add another story so now it’s a 5 bedroom/2 bath. Hehe. One problem… The stupid glitched refridgerator. x.x

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Yea I had that glitch before, thank god not in my legacy house! xD Yea it is alot of Mula… and nothing to do with it! I have a 5 bedroom/ 2 bath as well ๐Ÿ˜€

      • midnightprowl says:

        Lucky. -.- It sucks. I can’t do anything with it. Such a pain. Hehe. I’m starting to get to where I have a lot of cash and nothing to really do with it. I’m thinking about moving the family to a larger lot. The one they’re on now is only like 30×30 I believe. Wow, seriously. It looks so much bigger in the picture.

      • spongeb0ber says:

        Lol yea dumb fridge glitch xD Yea I’m already at that point, nothing to do! I want to move, but I kinda wanna follow this rule… lol Since I break so many already xD

        Yea the house is pretty big though, Since I add on lol.

  7. midnightprowl says:

    I’m starting to get to the point where I’m going to start sending out everyone for massages and all that good stuff just to get rid of some money. xD Yeah, I didn’t even know there “rules” until I’d gotten into it. I’ve actually started another game as a challenge legacy but I’m not going to right a story on it. It’s more or less just for giving me a break from the Bane legacy.

    I need to add on a bit more to the Bane house. It just bites because I don’t have much room left. =P That’s the name reason I’m thinking about moving to a different lot.

    • spongeb0ber says:

      ohh lol. Yea i play other challenges just for my own entertainment as well xD Like the wishacy, follow all your founders wishes and such. I want to try another one, just looking for a good challenge lol

  8. midnightprowl says:

    I just started a new one today. I broke one rule right off the bat. The one about not creating a sim to be the founder’s wife/husband and whatnot. =P But so be it. I didn’t anything normal. I seriously thinking about making another story with it. It’s be more a detailed one from a first person point of view. So

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Tbh, I love where the Voice talks to the Sims. It is my all time favorite type of legacy. I lose focus so fast with the detailed one’s lol xD And Yea I break tons of rules. Birthday rules, don’t make a person rule, don’t put anyone you made in the household, lmbo there is more but I can’t think of it. I never cheated for money though :3 or moved.. I’m proud of that. xD

      • midnightprowl says:

        Good! Cheating bad! Rawr! Lol. Yeah. I really like it, too, and I’m going to keep up with writing the Bane legacy the way it is. But my super creative side is itching to writing a detailed story. Lol. Already made a blog for it. It’ll be called Unknown Sender. I’ve even got an idea of how it’ll go if you like me to give you a little info on it. =P

      • spongeb0ber says:

        Sure I’d love to hear it :3 Yesh cheating is very bad lolz Yea my creative side is buggin me too, it’s telling me things…. werid things… xD

      • justdance983 says:

        Actually you can use sims you created as long as you are past gen. 1

      • spongeb0ber says:

        I know. And Of course I’m way past that XD.

  9. midnightprowl says:

    grrr… anyway… So nothing like the one I have going now…

  10. midnightprowl says:

    Lol. Anywho… Basically, it’ll be able a guy who washes ashore with no memory of his past but he keeps getting letters from someone instructing him on what he should do next. At least… That was my idea. Now that I put it down it doesn’t sound so great. Hehe.

  11. midnightprowl says:

    Who doesn’t. =P I’m working on the intro now actually. Well, that’s is IE stops closing on me. Rawr!

  12. midnightprowl says:

    Got the introduction to my new story out…


    Let me know what you think. =)

  13. midnightprowl says:

    Question… How’d you change the “Just another WordPress site” thing on the top?

  14. mauisky says:

    I’m quite Keen on Jolk’s hair color and chance you could upload just his hair color?

    if you want to that is ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Sims3luvva says:

    i tried to translate simlish but i failed… LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. firebart says:

    Hi!!!! I is wishing u a happy b-day lolz TRUST ME I WILL FORGET I even forget my birtday once………I was so consufed why I got a gift but I figured it out soon XD

  17. Great writing! You should definitely follow up on this topic!

    -Kindest Regards,

  18. justdance983 says:

    I miss Creeper!

  19. justdance983 says:

    I just wanted to let you know you inspire me so much. Without the Terreys I probably would not play Sims. Thank you so much!

  20. firebart says:

    Loved teh new chapter I wish Josh Didnt have to leave.
    I hope he comes back In the next Gen
    BTW:I haz my first chaptr out of my hero legacy ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Firestar says:

    Sponge screw legacy rules go past 10 gens you are so talented I will die without Terrey’s pun intended on the screw haha

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Haha, glad you love them! I love them too, there are like apart of me. There so awesome to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ – Plus i still need to upload them… but I’m like procrastinating because I have to take off ALL there CC to download them… -.- dumb sims 3 site.

  22. Alex says:

    AHHH!!! Hurry up and put a new story!!! I work on my paper some, and then I read a chapter!!! Hurry up!! I know I’m not being logical, but still!!! Love the legacy ;0

  23. justdance says:

    I had a dream u posted chap. 62 and it was AWESOME!

  24. Smitherson says:

    hi i hav problems with downloading off sims3.com, so do u have any websites that have free CC?

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Peggyzone.com is the BEST. ๐Ÿ™‚ – But you have to know how to use WinRAR and zip files.

      • Smitherson says:

        ah man i hav a mac so it wont work and i tried that site but it wont work for me… =[ any others? o and i LOVE ur new storyline idea i check ALL The time for ur new stories!!! u should put like a childhood romance or something wen all the vamp drama is over, or make the whole family vamps!!!

      • spongeb0ber says:

        Thanks, I’m glad you like it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I wanted to do something new, so that’s why I changed it. Aw, yea I have pictures for the next chapter, but havent written yet. I have some ideas on what I’m doing, just not 100% with them yet.

  25. justdance says:


  26. Kelly {CherryPea} says:


  27. justdance says:

    when u postin’ 62?

  28. justdance says:

    OMG I โค U!!!

  29. justdance says:

    Is Holly still alive?

    • spongeb0ber says:

      HAha, yea! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • justdance says:

        Really? WOW! When new chappie comin? I’m DYING!!!

      • spongeb0ber says:

        I started getting pictures, today. So probably tonight or tomorrow. I’m stalling if you no one noticed ;P. I’m trying to wait til, Late night (8 days) But that’s to long without a chapter. So, I’m probably only going to release chapter 63 and 64 until Late night and ambitions gets here. (: I know it’s hard for you guys to wait, I seriously HATE having you wait, but once I get the expansion packs, I will be releaseing chapters on a steady pace again. =)

  30. justdance983 says:

    Hey, if Gen. 10 firstborn has not already been born, why not name him/her Lilla or Stiles?

  31. Priscilla says:

    Woohoo! 100 vote for Excellenta!

  32. Kelly {CherryPea} says:

    Are you going to put out chap. 64 before christmas or just wait?

    • spongeb0ber says:

      I’ll probably put it out before hand. I’m not sure yet, all I do know is that my expansion packs are going to be here soon! Too bad I have to wait til Christmas to download them, haha! xP

  33. sims2014 says:

    Is it okay if i borrow Jen Terrey from gen 2 for my legacy im working on?

  34. justdance983 says:

    Hey! Check out my blog! http://sydssims3.wordpress.com/

  35. mauisky says:

    EEk that sounds nasty.. whats happening with the launcher is it giving any error messages or is the game just closing itself after the launcher stage( and if so when) ?

  36. Priscilla says:

    You didn’t do an update did you? I had a similar promblem aftet updatign my sims3 (althought it will b needed for the late night,i dont have the newest update because it always messed up my game leaving me only to unistall but i didnt have fav sims 2 play cus it deleted them!)Oh Right! have you done any downloads? from the sims3 store? i dont think thet are bothrin much with fixing them,20% the items i get are like my new error buttons >=\ Hate it… If non of this helps..well i tried;) Though i dont rec- the Sims3_6.1.11.009001_from_6.0.81.009001.exe
    ~just cus

  37. justdance983 says:

    Did you get a mod? That happened to me after I first got mods. I was, literally, sobbing. I un-installed everything of custom content and then tried and it worked.

    • justdance983 says:

      If that doesn’t work, and you have to re-install, you can always download the Terreys from the exchange and play them, although it will be different because Jula-May wouldn’t be born.

      • spongeb0ber says:

        I have everything backed up, Idk why it wont work. I just decided to play yesterday and it wouldn’t work. I have been on a frantic. My games will be here tomorrow and all I can do is stare at them. you know how hard that is going to be?! =(

    • spongeb0ber says:

      I never ever put a mod in my computer… :/

      • Zelda12 says:

        Hi spongeb0ber I have been a long time reader and I had this problem I had to do this but I don’t know if it’s the same things on all computers what I had to do is this click on start then click on computer then there should be the name of the computer click on that then click on program files then electronic arts then if you just have the sims 3 then click on the sims 3 click on game then click on bin then there should be a list of things it should be one of the highest amount of kb for me it’s around 11,000 I’m sorry if this doesn’t work but worked for me hope your game works.

      • spongeb0ber says:

        I figured it out. My launcher is broke, but there is away around the launcher, your right in the bin. So I am very excited to say, everything is back to normal with some upgrades!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Ambtions and late night! โค Also thanks for reading. ;D

  38. Priscilla says:

    u should try installing the next erm game…
    on christmas… i remeber that sometimes if ur game had a problem and you installed the latest game it would find any errors… well most the time…

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Everything is fine now. ๐Ÿ™‚ Launcher is broke, but i can get around it.

      • firebart says:

        Lol my laucher is broken too I think its somethign to do with abitions cause very time I start the game the launcher crashes…….But the game still starts ๐Ÿ˜€

      • spongeb0ber says:

        My launcher, I click the start button and it completely freezes and doesn’t play Sims 3 at all. So I went to the desktop, right clicked on Late night, hit find target and looks for something called TS300E3 or something like that. I right click it and click open, then my game starts automatically! ๐Ÿ˜€ I put my CC back, my skin, and my saves. The Terreys are still there, I was so happy. ;D โค

  39. Roniyin says:

    This happened to me one time one of my friend help me with it you should call costumer support that is all remember him doing after we got the thing I don’t need the disc anymore hope the helps

  40. firebart says:

    Sweet u got abitions and late night!
    Lol I got late night!!!!yes!
    I took me FOREVER to find a vampire.
    Now im just waitng for my sims to be a vampire. Cause I have an idea for my legacy that involves vampires!Lol

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Yes I did! I got both. ;D Kewl I’m glad you got it, I’m sure it’s going to be SUPER fun to play! ๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t wait. My friend was playing it, and she found 3 vampires. I think there extremely easy to find. She was being a sylist, and they just came to her. Lol

      • firebart says:

        Lol yeah after my guy became a vampire i found about 2 or 3……….. I yelled (in my mind come on!) Cause I spent A LONG time trying to find one………. I think i was looking at the wrong place :(.

      • spongeb0ber says:

        Yea you probably were. Because I went to the plasma club at night, and was Like ehhhh there not here, so I went looking for the club everyone was at, bc it will tell you, and I saw a vampire walking up. I was like sweetness! That was easy xD

  41. Kelly {CherryPea} says:

    Yay! Thanks Sponge for the greatest Christmas present ever!

  42. mauisky says:

    of mine not “mind”

  43. sims1029 says:

    Hey, Sponge–
    I’m thinking of putting my Legacy up on WordPress. How exactly would I do that?

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Well it’s kind of hard to explain. But you have to make a blog first.

      • sims1029 says:

        And…? Then what? Kind of lost here, sorry!

      • spongeb0ber says:

        Well you just have to set it up to your prefrences. I would make seperate pages. One is my New’s page. Another my chapter list. Everytime you post something you dont want it to go on your homepage right? Because that will look sloopy. So you set just a page for your news,(all this is under pages) there probably is a check mark to set that one page as your home page. Then a chapter list page, where you list all the links to your chapters thus far. Everytime you make a new post, you copy and paste the link there so you dont have to have people searching all over for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Sorry it’s just so hard to explain. I had to mess with it to actually get the full understanding of it. Also sorry my response was so dull yesterday, I answered that at 3 in the morning. XD

  44. sims1029 says:

    That’s a perfect explanation! Thanks! By The Way, I voted for the poll thingy above. It’s your choice, Sponge! But, I laugh at many things you write ๐Ÿ˜€

  45. sims1029 says:

    Wait, do you have to pay for it ๐Ÿ˜•

  46. sims1029 says:

    Yay! Ok thanks! I’m gonna put my Legacy on WordPress!
    BTW, Love the pic. Screw looks very…odd.

  47. sims1029 says:

    Wait…sorry but it says “Use for your blog for $17 a year”?

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Click on Dashboard, then pages, then new page. After you made all your pages, Click h Settings, then Reading. Where it says โ€œFront page displaysโ€ on the top of the page, click on a โ€œstatic pageโ€ It will let you pick what page you want as frontpage, and it will never change.

  48. firebart says:

    Just wondring will you still be follow vampire emma or the vampire story at all for that matter?

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Well, with Emma I can’t really keep track of her anymore once she’s gone, Screw yes I will still keep at his storyline, but Joo is going to have the.. ahem “spotlight” so to speak. ;D

  49. firebart says:

    Lol also the new house I got in bridgeprot is the same one I got XD

  50. Justdance says:

    YAAY! GO JOO! She was always my fave.

  51. mauisky says:

    Ooooh can’t wait to see what little miss stardom has in store for us all ๐Ÿ™‚

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Haha yea. I can’t either… I’m on another one of my famous writer blocks. .-..

      • Justdance says:

        Oh, yah. that always happens to me. That’s why I won’t be writing a legacy anytime soon.

      • spongeb0ber says:

        Well yea, it happens to me but I just can’t think of anything right now. I might go on today, just to spark something in my mind, to get you guys started on the new generation. ๐Ÿ™‚ Everything is all good. It’s my mind is going blank, plus school work, plus my boyfriend…. so it’s always busy for me. I thought I would get like 10 chapters out at christmas time but nooooo I was even busier then! haha

      • mauisky says:

        Hmm I never get writers block.. well not so far. Speaking of which your missing out on the steamy new chapter!

        Lorcan in a hot-tub mmmmm

        Hope to see Jula-May dazzling us all soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Kelly {CherryPea} says:

    Oh No! My computer was broken for a few days and i missed everything!

  53. Justdance says:

    Hey Jackie,

    I have a couple or requests for you!
    I know, I suck for asking that, but I do it anyway!:P
    1. I don’t know if you said anything about the possibility of this before(if you did, I must’ve been too forgetful/stupid/lazy to check), but can you please upload the house and family as it is now?
    2. Can you upload the graveyard in your town? I know that’s an *odd* question, but I wanted to have all the dead Terreys so I could resurrect them and have a slumber party/beach bash. I’m a bit insane, if you couldn’t tell. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  54. Roniyin says:

    When is the new chp coming out sponge

  55. justdance983 says:

    I think you can go to edit town mode, than click on the graveyard and click save to library. then hit share on the copy in the library. Hope that helps!

    Sorry my request was so weird!

  56. firebart says:

    I haz a new chappter out! ๐Ÿ™‚
    But its REALY short cause I need a cliff hanger!

  57. sims1029 says:

    *sigh…* I decided not to put my legacy on WordPress, because I was origionally doing it because the Sims Stories page would NEVER work, and all the stories and exchange items were frozen, so nobody could put anything up. But now it’s FIXED! So, I’m not gonna put on WordPress. I’m really sorry you had to waste your time on explaining everything to me, and I’m not even gonna do it. ๐Ÿ˜•

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Awww it was no waste of time! I did not mind at all. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love trying to help people out. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you though :/ because eventually you will have to switch to a blog site if you get that far in your legacy, because of the sims site and there quota lol.

      • sims1029 says:

        Yeah…we’ll just see how far it goes…besides, I regularly clean out pictures from my studio, things I don’t need, and such. But I’m really sorry!
        BTW, I just read chapter 67…check my comment…hee hee! โ˜บ โ˜บ

      • spongeb0ber says:

        Hey no sweat! When that time really does come again, I will try to lend a helping hand. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love to help others, it never bothers me. =) I read your comment haha, xD

  58. plumbobby220 says:

    I’m Now on wordpress yay but I don’t have a clue how to use it so it would be great if you could help me ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Justdance says:

    *waits (semi)patiently for next chapter*

  60. millirenee says:

    did you find zee on my blog? ( cause that is totally awesome. it will spread like an epidemic)

  61. millirenee says:

    Sponge how do you upload your photos. Do you use photobucket or wordpress

  62. Kelly {CherryPea} says:

    Are you going to change the photo on the top?

    • spongeb0ber says:

      The photo? I don’t know if I can…. I can’t use my pictures because there too small. I need someone to make me a custom one, but I don’t know who to ask. :/

    • Kelly {CherryPea} says:

      Do you think that one of all the heirs would be cool cause you are going on ten?

      • spongeb0ber says:

        Well I’m just about to wrap up this heir vote right now. Allie won by 6. I’m not sure if she’s cool to you or not lol. I know Alyia would have been really strange, but I have to go with the voters. Alyia did take 2nd though.

  63. Kelly {CherryPea} says:

    Totally, I voted for Allie! That was a quick vote lol, I’m glad i came on today ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. Kelly {CherryPea} says:

    I finished your banner! but idk how to post it…. Do you want me to post it on my blog then you can save it from there?

  65. millirenee says:

    Here you go! (i’m also millirenee, i’ just to lazy to log in, so i stick with kelly)


  66. millirenee says:

    oops i mean i am also Kelly {CherryPea}. It confused me

  67. millirenee says:

    Awww thanks! I’m sorry about Jami’s head, it was cut off in the pic i got it from.

  68. millirenee says:

    Your writing quick today!

  69. justdance983 says:

    I posted on my sims blog again. Check it out?

  70. EllaRae says:

    I have winter terrey nd her family…im playin with andy….i know its gen 5, but he makes some pretty babies…..i made him into a player….lol he has like 20 kids nd all are boys, but 1…he has 1 daughter name natasha nd i had her move in along with one of her hot sim brother, Jeremiah (who has an identical twin) nd she just like andy….on her free will she seduced her best friend casey from high school twice nd got pregnant by him both times…..he refuses 2 date her after they had 2 sons 2gether, Eli & Dylan…..she then seduced the repair man. The repair refused 2 date her 2 nd he married the maid nd knocked the maid up after he got natasha pregnant..tasha had a daughter name Kodi nd he had a daughter the day after name Nicole……..my story is all out of control…..shes doin things on her own…its scarey tht its like she has a mind of her own….lol……yeah the repair man nd the maid broke up cuz the repair man couldnt keep his hands off natasha (he was doin it on his free will) nd the maid moved out taking Nicole nd then a thing popped up saying Nicole drowned….the maid drowned her baby……….i cant figure out how 2 put the pics on the computer tht i took of the family….ud be like awwww if u seen how cute Kodi is…..nd Natasha pregnant again…i dnt know who the dad is either…..idk how or y she does tht on free will…its crazy

    • jaec09 says:

      ella…..y u on my game???…..i told u 2 leave my household alone…gosh i hate when u go nd RUIN my story..now i gotta make a new 1….nd LEAVE IT ALONE nxt time geeze…keep andy nd tht family…ill make a new 1

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Lol I would love to see those pictures! All you have to do is 1. Make a word press account. 2. You go to Myblogs>dashboard>media>upload new
      Then all the pictures you want upload them. Then you start a new post. Dasbaord>post>new
      In the new post there is this little box about it something like Media. You click it let it load, and all your pictures will pop up. Just add them all into a post, and then give me the link to it. :]

  71. millirenee says:

    When is the new heir going to be revealed??? I’m so excited

  72. justdance983 says:

    Yaay 4 emo! I love the pic…
    “Can’t you do it?”

  73. Roniyin says:

    I have a question for the the teen pregnancy mod did you have to have something called Erich your game online I don’t know if it is just for Mac’s (yes I have one) I have an account and I am your buddy on the sims 3 ๐Ÿ™‚ and it is saying that I need one. P.S sorry if it is really wordy.

    • spongeb0ber says:

      For me to get the mod, it was just like adding a new hair into my game. I downloded it, Extracted it to the desktop, went to
      My Documents>Electronic arts> sims 3> Mods> Packages> Hack and placed it in there. Then, went into my game and when you get past the intro and the part where you chose a saved game, it will tell you it’s on. I have a windows vista. :] Yea I know were buddies ;D โค

  74. justdance983 says:

    Hey, I’m not consistent with my legacies, and I was wondering if you had a few tips about sticking to one family for 10+ generations?

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Well for me it’s about the fun in doing it. That’s why I don’t think I could ever do a serious legacy, because honestly I have the attention span of a fly at times. Your legacy has to be either light worded (like mine or Mad tea party) or an amazingly breath taking legacy ( Emy and Mau’s) Tips from me, are just stick with it no matter what. No matter how many viewers you have at first, no matter how horrid you think your doing. Just no matter what. I also have this crazy imagination where I seriously get attached to my sims. I feel like there story is so real in my mind, lol. It’s just the fun in doing it for me. I love it. You have to be enjoying yourself. Don’t try to hard, just go with the flow. Also when doing legacy’s people look at your pictures. They want something to keep there attention while reading. So taking go pictures, is a MUST. :]

  75. justdance983 says:

    This cake makes me think of creeper maid…

  76. Jess says:

    ๐Ÿ˜€ I love this legacy it practically has me laughing all the way through every chapter, my mum thinks i’m crazy ๐Ÿ˜€
    Since i love it so much i made you a banner ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope ya like it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  77. millirenee says:

    OMG! Her banner is awesome! You should totally use it! Especially because mine is just blah XD

  78. Heylo. How r u? Gotta love the messed up Terrey Family

  79. justdance983 says:

    Hey, I made a template for profiles for individual members of the Terrey household. You may or may not want to use them. If you do, feel free. If not, could I maybe have that info so I can fill them out for my own personal use?

  80. Jess says:

    Its me again, I was just wondering which Mods you have and which ones you think are good? Because I dont know which ones to download; The Woohooer, MasterController and StoryProgression sound good…… ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. justdance983 says:

    Announcement about Biggest Loser challenge! On my blog! Check it out ๐Ÿ˜€

  82. justdance983 says:

    1st chappie is UP! =D
    I found out I’m going on vacation tomorrow, so I’m posting all the chapters today. (At least I’ll try…)

  83. justdance983 says:

    Mr. Handsome Man is up on my blog!

  84. Justdance983 says:

    Hey, when you post a new chapter, do you post it to the home page or where? I’m working on the homepage for my legacy. JSYK, only the first 3 generations will have rules. I’ll be winging the rest.

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Oh, you post it to catagories. Then copy and paste the link in a new page like titled Chapters or something. To make a general home page, create a new page, then go to Settings>Reading and select that page to be your home page. That way your blog post dont take up ur home page.

  85. justdance983 says:

    I was re-reading the Terrey legacy from the start and something made me LOL…

    “I hate Kyle, he really sucks!
    He smells real bad, like a garbage truck!
    When I look at his face I wanna puke.
    I wish his brains would blow like a NUKE!”

  86. justdance983 says:

    Did you like the special appearance by Jessy? ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. justdance983 says:

    The heir vote is up! I didn’t want to do it so soon, but Addison and Terra are almost YAs. 0.0

  88. jaec09 says:

    LOVE UR LEGACIES!!! i always laugh when i look at the “the creeper who writes this” i cant not c it it catches my eye each time

  89. justdance983 says:

    Speaking of late posts, I need to post another chapter of the Nichols. But I have a good excuse, I’ve been recovering from a bicycle accident. >.<

  90. justdance983 says:


  91. justdance983 says:

    yay! ๐Ÿ˜€

  92. justdance983 says:

    Aaah, poll! Yay! I’m anxious to see the results!

  93. justdance983 says:

    Rip inspired me *gasp!* to write a challenge. I’m currently working on it. I’ll let you know when I finish!

  94. justdance983 says:

    You made us WAIT!?!?! U R EVIL!!! JK. ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. justdance983 says:

    I’m on pins and needles waiting for the results! I’ve been checking, like, every 2 minutes for the new chapter! :/

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Ahahaha XD and I’m not saying anything until I release the chapter! Neener neener ;P Okay So I’m actually going to go write it now. :3 So come back in 1 1/2- 2 hours and it should be up. :3

      • justdance983 says:

        Yay! Excited! ๐Ÿ˜€ I might have to check tomorrow, because I’m going to be out for a few hours. :/

  96. sims2014 says:

    im planing on starting a legacy is it okay if i use Kaleb from gen 1 in it?

  97. sims2014 says:

    so heres it chapter 1.0 Kaleb isn’t in this one but he’ll be in the next one.

  98. justdance983 says:

    Hey, I have a new service to advertise stories/legacies! All interested, please check it out!
    (Hope you aren’t offended if I advertised on here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )

  99. jaec52609 says:

    i want milo & codykins…lol

  100. justdance983 says:

    Plum is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m currently playing an passive-aggressive maniac sim, so the first want she rolled was to fight with Plum ๐Ÿ™‚ ah, good times, good times. XD

  101. plumbobby220 says:

    Hi i’m back any way you know how I did that (really bad) legacy, well I’m starting another one “everyone starts crying” but this one I will actually work on and make sure its clear but I want to try out some of the towns first to find the one rather than resorting to Bridgeport ( though I love that town soooo much) At the moment i’m using barnacle bay and it may be the one but I still want to see generations (which looks sooo cool), and I have to remodel the town to suit the legacy that will start properly this time. Few that was a lot to write, I’ll make sure to keep reading your legacy (not that I ever stopped) and I’ll keep posting.

  102. plumbobby220 says:

    no it is mike lol so much confusion

    • spongeb0ber says:

      oh then I did remember XD

      • plumbobby220 says:

        Yes………………………………anyway now we have that sorted lol are you going to get generations? because I think it will be perfect for legacy’s.

      • spongeb0ber says:

        LOL xD good Glad that’s sorted. Anyways, I really wish I could buutttt… You have to have money for things like $40 expansion packs XD. I want it… BADLY… but alas I can’t get it, unless money falls from the sky lol. My parents aren’t gonna buy it and I’m not getting a job til i turn 18 cause it’s easier to find one, so I’m kinda stuck on a rock and a hard place. On a brighter note, Unleashed comes out a month before my birthday ๐Ÿ˜€ SOOO that’s awesome. Besides, new Expansion packs just means new glitches to ruin our day! I think I want to wait anyways.

  103. plumbobby220 says:

    you’re lucky I live in New Zealand and our’s are $70. I know there is the currency conversion and everything but where can I find 70 bucks so I feel your pain. I’m only 14 so I have a few years left until I get a job.

  104. jaec52609 says:

    Jaedac52609 is just depressed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I mean COME ON, really who took my crayons?? (bet it was the gnomes again)

    lmbo something u can use…i seen it on fb nd started bustin out laughin nd thought of the terreys when it mentioned gnomes

  105. Jess says:

    Whoa. Generations is $40?? That’s A LOT!
    It’s only ยฃ24-ยฃ25 here in the UK! My parents won’t let me get it though not after I killed my laptop and couldn’t use it for six months because I installed WA! *sigh* I’m surprised they let me reinstall the base game, I must have been severly depressed or something….;)
    I’m contemplating lobbing WA in a river or something… ๐Ÿ˜€

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Lol I hate WA I would never buy it. I even had a chance to get it for free, and still they couldn’t give it too me lmbo. Yea I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be 40.

      • CuriosityCore16 says:

        WA is awesome! compared to bon voyage… I bet more people would realize how great WA is if they knew how hard it was to make vacation eps! *is ticked* ๐Ÿ˜ก

      • spongeb0ber says:

        I just don’t like it. it’s my own personal opinion on it. I don’t like the vacation because I have the attention span of a cucumber, and it bores me to tears lol. Not saying other people won’t think it’s amazing, but it’s just me personally.

      • CuriosityCore16 says:

        Ya, well, I send my sims on Vay-Cay for like, a sim hour, have them buy all the useless junk available, send them home, delete the travel moodlet and send them to another place and repeat the whole thing again… I guess I’m just sorta partial to it because it was a gift from my parents ๐Ÿ™‚

      • spongeb0ber says:

        Ohhhh well yea that is a big reason. :3 My ambitions and Late night were Christmas gifts from my parents. The sims 3 base game I bought myself from Amazon lol. Did you know in the EA store WA is 10 bucks? lol! I saw it yesterday and Loled. I have 10 bucks too but I’m saving up for Generations. The sims medevil is also on sale for 25 D: I want<3 lol

  106. plumbobby220 says:

    hi spongebob just posted a poll on my blog to ask what gender my founder should be it would be great if you could add your vote! ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. plumbobby220 says:

    I have another poll up this one is for the town my legacy will live in! everyone is welcome. (sorry about advertising on your page sponge I hope you don’t mind, but I need all the help I can get Lol)

  108. plumbobby220 says:

    LUCKY lol compared to your polls mine seems pathetic but 10 is quite a lot for me.

  109. plumbobby220 says:

    My founder poll has closed now, with a grand total of 3 votes lol

  110. plumbobby220 says:

    lol its okay.
    I guess it’s no secret then that the founder is a girl!
    Lol I voted for a girl because when they get pregnant the other parent could leave and I would still have the child, unlike if say the mother left, I would have to go hunting for her. Anyway I closed the town vote as well, that was a little better at 10. to give you a clue on what town it may be: I put the Annan’s into my town(I think that’s their name). (That means its not Barnacle bay) lol and its definitely not Riverview, because Riverview got 0 Yay ~throws confetti~ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Teehee yea I do like girl founders better for some reason, even though my favorite are boy sims. I just love to look at them. It’s werid cause girls are suppose to like the girls and vice versa. Lol not me xD. Oooo can’t wait to see ^_^

      • plumbobby220 says:

        lol thanks i’m actually really excited too! I have changed the town to suit the legacy, by get rid of some of the premades and replacing them, and changing some of the public buildings. I hope you will like it when it comes out ๐Ÿ™‚

      • spongeb0ber says:

        Oh I bet I will! I love when someone starts a new legacy! =] โค Can't wait. OH! And guess what?! I'm getting generations now! I got some random babysitting jobs from a friend, and now I have just enough money to buy it on the 31st!!!! W00T!

  111. plumbobby220 says:

    what the heck double post????

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Lol I deleted it for you xD

      • plumbobby220 says:

        thanks lol
        and it’s great to hear you can get generations as well
        we could be generations buddies lol I’ll have to wait for a few days though because it doesn’t come out here until the I-don’t-know-what day lol

      • spongeb0ber says:

        It’s fine! I say lol a lot too XD It’s a bad habit. Yup! I’m super excited to get it! STROLLERS FTW! ๐Ÿ˜€

  112. plumbobby220 says:

    wow I say lol a lot I just noticed

  113. plumbobby220 says:

    Thought I should comment because nothing much has happened recently except the new trailer for generations.

  114. plumbobby220 says:

    How do you get what you called “Love tallies” are they page views or something I want them WAAAAAAAAAAH T-T

  115. Jess says:

    Hey Sponge! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I was just wondering if I could take a few of your screenshots?
    I am doing an informative speech at school and I am doing it on the Sims ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s sad I know but I really couldn’t think of anything else to talk about for three minutes!!
    Im making a slide show, so I wondered if i could? :’)

  116. Jess says:

    Oh and you’re 9hours? Ahead of the UK, so I’m doing the slideshow tonight after school so it might seem like I’m not going to tell you, but I am!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thankyooouuu again ๐Ÿ˜€

  117. Jess says:

    Okayy I used (when you hover over the screenshot it told me these numbers):
    Chapter 133 – Screenshots 42, 52, 76
    Chapter 110 – SS 67,72,80,84
    Chapter 97 – SS 27,37,44

    Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  118. plumbobby220 says:

    I’ve wanted to know for a while now where did you get Murder’s Hair it is really cool

    • spongeb0berz says:

      I got it from the Sims resource. It’s by newsea, I think. You also have to pay for it, I think… I used one of those sites where you can look at it and get it for free. I forget the link though :s

  119. Jess says:

    I made you a new banner ๐Ÿ˜€
    Hope you like it ๐Ÿ™‚

  120. jaec52609 says:

    lol i love murders little banner nd her little phrase on it

  121. plumbobby220 says:

    generations you have? lol I bet you do

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea I do… but I didn’t install it yet. I got it yesterday, two of them actually lmao… EA and there mistakes.

      • plumbobby220 says:

        lol LUCKY I get mine tomorrow YAY. But I have all of today off because Its a teacher only day. It is going to be sooooooooooooooo difficult to get through the day.

  122. spongeb0berz says:

    Lol cool. I’m having problems with my camera rotating it… it goes SO SLOW! I haven’t even downloaded the new patch or generations yet… this sucks so bad.

  123. Jess says:

    Sorry its been a long time coming! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Hope ya like it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  124. plumbobby220 says:

    Chapter one is out lol you can go look at it if you want but lower your expectations I rushed it to keep playing generations

  125. plumbobby220 says:

    I updated my legacy no new chapter yet but I have taken some of the pictures and there is a surprise in store.

  126. plumbobby220 says:

    NEW CHAPTER lol caps

  127. Jess says:

    Hey Sponge!
    I just wanted to let you know that I did my speech today and everyone loved it! ๐Ÿ˜€
    They were all laughing at Barb, Rip and Lewis – my bestfriends loved Barb especially XD
    I’m waiting to see if I get through to the ‘finals’ (lol) and what grade I get ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks again for letting me use the screenshots!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  128. plumbobby220 says:


  129. Angel says:

    Hey I love your legacy been following it since the beginning. I was wondering if you could help me with something. How do you go about making a legacy on wordpress after switching from the sims 3 site? I guess what I’m trying to ask is do you have to still upload pictures via the sims 3 launcher?
    Any additional tips would be appreciated as well
    Please please help me!!!

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Nope, the beauty of being on a blog is you upload pictures onto wordpress.com it self. It’s so much easier than the sims3.com and plus you can save your draft (your chapter) as you go along. No more worries about losing your work. It was very complicated for me at first, to learn how to use wordpress but with the help of some friends, I was able to do it. I’ll help you in any way that I can. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just let me know what your questions are.

      To make an account, you of course just go onto the main wordpress.com and then sign up and make your blog. Trust me, your gonna love it.



  130. yeoldlegacy says:

    Thank you so much!! I just made my account and I’m really excited!

  131. Angel says:

    Okay this is a stupid question but how exactly DO you upload the sims screenshots to wordpress? I’m not very computer savy XD

  132. sariechiny says:

    Anxiously awaiting the new chapter…*stalks*

  133. jaec52609 says:

    everytime i look at the banner i start 2 miss winter
    nd i noticed a pattern…. split the top 10 gen in half up there nd its
    girl girl boy girl girl….girl girl boy girl girl

  134. bunnypunk says:

    I just wanted to say that I made a new legacy because my other is broken working. Here’s the website http://thecakerainbowcy.wordpress.com/

  135. I haven’t realized it until now, but I read chapter 1 for the heck of it, and it said ‘Created: 8/11/10’. You’ve been going on for a YEAR now! Happy 1 Year Terrey-versary! LOL!

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Yea I know ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I’m going off the day I signed up to wordpress, because that’s when I really started getting popular and people were reading it more ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks SO much though!!!<3

  136. I have brought Screw Terrey back from the dead…
    I decided to have him as a nanny for my busy household, and so I got him from The Exchange… And he’s in my sim’s house now…
    But honestly he is no good for my sims… Just me…
    Because I got so focused on him I moved the family and kept him in the house… And I kept the children I liked… :/ I’m so mean!
    So, I’m going to have like… A picture spam of him on my blog-ish thing…

  137. I already have five days up, and I must say, it’s chaotic…
    Plus, there’s a toddler named Little Screw (Really named Little Screw, not plain old Screw), and a toddler named Rhythm…
    I started running out of ideas for names…

  138. I’m hoping that a new chapter of Terrey randomness will be here soon, but I’ll be patient. ๐Ÿ˜€

  139. Spongey says:

    I was happy to see a new baby would be born ๐Ÿ˜€ โค Not mad!!
    When I go home later, I'm going to work on a new chapter. I've just been distracted, and… that's about it. I guess I just really want pets to come out!! D:

  140. People really love looking up your legacies.

  141. plumbobby220 says:

    Jackie if you want to see lots of pets pictures follow this link: http://www.simsplanet2.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11189&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=140

    There is a set of pics on almost every page!

  142. Tonks says:


    Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just waiting around here for a new chapter…

  143. Tonks says:

    I feel so bad that this place has been so lonely, and ‘Rained is usually as crowded as Starbucks (which is very, very crowded).

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Lol it doesn’t bother me. This is just my silly legacy, my main focus is Rained ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Tonks says:

        I know… But… It breaks my heart for some reason! D: Do you ever know when you’re going to end this legacy? I feel nervous that one day there will just be a last chapter, and then clunk, it’s… GONE!

        I haven’t given up on the Triggers (thankfully), in fact I’m already on Neon’s generation. She just moved to Riverblossom Hills (where Ginny lives in TS2) and married her. They might adopt… ‘Cause I haven’t put Screw in my game yet.
        BUT I’m putting Kaylee in my game, just ’cause the town has too many fuglies and she’s a very pretty sim. ๐Ÿ˜€

  144. nicandnathrock says:

    anyway, so i kinda of have a important message i need to tell you:)!
    so you know you do, and then it rained and this legacy?
    well, i’m not being mean here, but you never update this one, i prefer this one out the two, and i recommened, both legacy’s to a friend, and my friend liked this more, just a bit of advice, anyway great work terrey ๐Ÿ˜‰

  145. Tonks says:

    *sips juice box* Don’t mind me. I’ve just been waiting for hours with a juice box and a bouncy ball, for a new chapter. I’m not being pushy. I’m just waiting. My life is a black hole without these sims. .-. Okay so that’s false. But I lose my smartness when this isn’t updated enough. That’s true.

  146. Tonks says:

    Just waitin’ for a new update… ๐Ÿ˜€

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